Happy Mum, Happy Days!

Helping Women Bounce Back Fitter and Stronger is our Specialty.

Whether you have just had a baby, haven’t felt you’ve had time to exercise, been injured, returned to work or just plain fallen off the wagon, we can help you bounce back stronger, fitter and more energetic than ever before.We keep it all about you, designing fitness sessions that deliver exceptional results in achievable time frames. Just share your goals and let us help you achieve them. Local to Sydney’s Inner West and serving the Bay Run and surrounding areas, we offer these fantastic services:

Mums and Bubs Group Personal Training

Our Mums and Bubs programs are designed by mums for mums and our track record of client success stories prove we can help get you the results you want.
You can have Sexy Abs after Babies! (We strengthen your core too).
Burn Fat All Day Long – We use the best combination of cardio and resistance exercises to speed up your metabolism and wave goodbye to fat.
Experienced, friendly experienced post natal trainers who know how to encourage you, when to push you and when your baby needs a little cuddle. We are mums too so no judgements just friendly encouragement and a warm smile.
Make New Friends and Have Fun while you train. Getting out of the house is hard enough with a baby, so we try to make it as enjoyable as possible. Besides research shows you are more likely to continue exercise when its fun.

Whether you’re bouncing back or pushing forward, Get Fantastic Results – Fast!
Have your workouts tailored to your needs and goals in a timeslot and location that suits you – Perfect!

Personal Training Benefits – Why do It?

    • Results in HALF the Time – Our team can give you better results in 30 minutes than you would get in an hour on your own. We guarantee it. So if you want your weight loss or fitness results FAST, talk to us today.

Exercise is far more focussed and much more enjoyable when you work towards a goal. Having a baby is awesome but getting your baby to sleep should only be one part of your life.

What would you like to do? Make your goals, BIG, BOLD, Scary, laughable even. We don’t think any goals are too big or too small, we are just committed to helping you reach yours.

Check out some of these goals from some of our inspirational clients:

      • Complete my first City to Surf/half marathon/triathlon
      • Lose weight for wedding and to climb Hawaiian volcanoes on Honeymoon!
      • Have fitness and vitality to keep up with the kids
      • Get back into Roller Derby after having my son
      • Be a Yummy Mummy not a Glum Mum – (her words not ours!)
      • Fit back into work wardrobe
      • Zero to running the bay
      • Get fit for the kokoda track
      • To wear a bikini with confidence in Fiji

The motivation to get fit again is as varied as our clients, but our team are experienced and always enjoy the challenge of what our clients are chasing. We want you to reach your goals as much as you do!

Start today and you are one day closer. How does that sound?

Personal Training

Bootcamps and Boxing

These options suit clients who can’t make the day time sessions or would like a session without their bub in tow.

If there is one thing we know its boxing, and how to make it work for you. Our box and burn sessions are guaranteed calorie killers. Burn a truck load in class but then continue burning calories for hours after the session with our awesome combination of boxing and body work.

Scream free bootcamps are just that. No screaming babies and no screaming drill sergeant routine. Lets face it, we are all big girls, we know the work needs to get done, and we are capable of doing it. We certainly don’t need some tosser screaming in our face to encourage us. Here at Bounce Back we lead by example rather than stand there and bark orders at our clients.

Can You Run? Would you like to be able to?

Do you love the idea of how low maintenance running can be and sometimes wish you could just run out the door when you get a chance?

Do you live near the bay run or a great part of the world for running?
You may not like to run because it hurts, fair call. We can improve your technique and get you running pain free. You may not like to run because it’s hard. Well yes it is at first but guess what? It gets easier with every run you do. And every run you do, no matter how far, is a run and will give you an enormous sense of satisfaction.
A slow run is still a run. A short run is still a run, and a short slow run is still lapping the person at home on the couch!

You may think you can’t run, and you are probably right. Running only comes naturally to children who have no inhibitions and have not adopted all the bad posture and lifestyle habits that come as we ‘grow up’. As adults, majority of us have to relearn how to run so we can ditch the bad habits, and train our body to run in a way that feels good and will prevent injury over any length of time.

Let our qualified team help you improve your running style so you feel more comfortable and start to enjoy running injury free. We are passionate about introducing people to safe and enjoyable running practices. We have turned even the most zealous running haters into runners, who even smile while they run. We can show you the light too! ? Go on Challenge Us!

Run Coaching

Tell me more, sign me up or count me in!

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