Frequently Asked Questions


Can I bring my baby and toddler with me?

Of course! All of our ‘mums and bubs’ sessions are child-friendly, and a number of clients bring both (or in some cases, all three) of their children to their classes. We do have a few classes on the timetable that are ‘baby and child-free’ so please check out the timetable page for details.

How many ‘mums and bubs classes’ do you offer?

We have at least one session on every week day throughout the inner west. Please check out our timetable for details

Are the babies included in the exercises?

No, babies are not included in any of the exercises. This is for their safety as well as yours. To keep them busy throughout the session so you can get your workout in, we recommend bringing their favourite toys, snacks and books to keep them busy along with a picnic mat for them to sit on.

How long do your mums and bubs sessions go for?

Our sessions are scheduled for 1 hour. This gives us plenty of time to do a thorough warm up, the main session followed by a cool down and stretch at the end. It also gives us a little time buffer if you need to stop and feed or cuddle bubs along the way

What happens if it’s raining or cold?

It rains, we train! Let’s be honest, we are so lucky with the weather here in Sydney and even our coldest days are usually pretty amazing! All our venues have back up options for the odd day when the weather isn’t in our favour. Our priority is for bubs to stay dry so while we are undercover when training in wet weather, we recommend bringing your pram cover for the walk to and from the car. If it’s cold, make sure bubs is rugged up well with lots of layers and a blanket or two. Classes may be cancelled in very rare circumstances such as electrical storms or extreme hot weather.

I haven’t exercised since I fell pregnant – will I be able to keep up?

All our classes offer options and modifications that are suitable for recently post-natal mums all the way through to mums who have been training for years – everyone is included!

When can I get started?

Once you’ve had the all clear from your obstetrician to return to exercise, get in touch! This is usually at the 6-week mark for vaginal births and 12 weeks for caesareans. (Please refer to section about abdominal separation/pelvic floor)

My abdominal separation is pretty wicked and my pelvic floor is very weak – can I still train with you?

The short answer here is yes, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. If your abdominal separation is of a standard size and your pelvic floor strength is normal for your post-partum status, then we’re generally good to go. Our classes are designed to ensure that we progressively strengthen your whole body including the core and abdominals.

If you aren’t within the standard parameters, we highly recommend you see a women’s health physiotherapist to get individual, professional advice on how to repair your separation/pelvic floor. Get in touch for some recommendations in the inner west. That all said, we think it’s a great idea for all post-natal mums to see a women’s health physio regardless of the size of their separation or if their pelvic floor feels fine as their skills and knowledge will ensure that you have the best possible care and advice for your circumstances.

How many people are in each class?

We like to keep our classes small so we aim for 8-10 attendees which we feel is the perfect number to ensure that everyone can be looked after in the best possible way.

Do you provide babysitting/a nanny service?

No, we don’t provide childcare at our classes (which is reflected in our reasonable prices). That said, all our sessions are conducted with the babies and toddlers right next to us, so they are under their parent’s watchful eye at all times 😊

I find it hard to commit to specific days each week – do you have an option for casual classes?

We don’t offer casual memberships at this stage

Do you accept upfront payments?

All membership payments are via fortnightly direct debit with the exception of the two week trial fee ($20)

How long do I have to commit?

Our program is an initial six-week commitment. Our experience has proven this a perfect time frame for mums to set and achieve their goals from the early post-natal days through to their return to work and beyond. This also allows us to format the perfect program for the varied fitness levels of clients in each class and keep sessions personal, interactive, safe and enjoyable for all our valued clients. Continued membership following the initial 6-weeks is on a rolling fortnightly basis.

Is it ok if I get there late because my baby was sleeping/eating/crying/needed a nappy change?

We get it, these things happen, but please be aware that you will still need to complete a warm up before joining the session and the class will still finish at the scheduled time, so we don’t encourage lateness as standard.

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