A Big Bounce Back welcome to our newest team member Nicole! I’m so excited to have this fabulous woman on board and can’t wait to watch her achieve amazing results with you all.

If you don’t know Nic very well, here’s a little snapshot from the woman herself:

For those of you who haven’t met me at bootcamp, my name is Nicole Steventon but I answer to Nic, Nicky and most other variations. I’m a mum of two verrrry energetic and cheeky boys, Charlie (nearly 3) and Sam (15 months) and I’ve been married to my supportive, wonderful and sometimes infuriating husband (I’m all about honesty) for nearly 7 years. In my previous working life, I was an Executive Assistant and I was with my last company for just shy of 12 years until 6 weeks ago when I took the massive step of resigning.

Exercise has always been a part of my adult life. I’m the first to admit that I’m either hopelessly addicted, training hard and running as often as I can (running has always been my fave) or I’m ticking the boxes, doing enough to keep my fitness up but not stretching myself too much (did I mention the honesty thing?).

I saw my first pregnancy as an excuse to stop all forms of exercise and spent the next 9 months eating twisties – prior to that I had been addicted, running up to 4 times a week. Once Charlie was born I realised that I was going to have to find something pretty special that worked with me and bubs so that I could get fit again. An internet search led me to Bounceback and I quickly realised that I had found that special thing I’d been looking for. I’ve been training with Joan now for about 3 years and have loved every minute of it.

I’ve always thought about fitness as a career but it was a deeply guarded secret….I didn’t even tell my husband! It wasn’t until I went back to work after Sam was born that I realised that I wasn’t really enjoying my job and that I needed to make a change. I knew I wanted to do something that I cared about while working closely with people to help them achieve their goals. By that point, I had casually mentioned to hubby that I’d love to get out of secretarial and in to fitness to which he replied “why don’t you look in to it?” 

Soon after, Joan announced that she was looking to expand her business and it all seemed too serendipitous to ignore!! After our first conversation, I came away feeling more excited about my working future than I had in a long time. I’ve been madly studying ever since to get my fitness qualifications (still got a bit to get done) and I’m so excited to be starting this new chapter in my life and looking forward to providing you with passionate, honest, challenging, supportive training and going on the journey to be fitter, stronger, better mums and women with you.


Well Nic is now all qualified and has been running some killer sets in the mums and bubs sessions and personal sessions for some of our wonderful clients. She is red hot and ready to rumble so get in quick to nab your preferred session time now while she has some vacancy. Once word spreads of how good she is and how good you look and feel after working with her, you may not get the spot you want.

Contact us today to book your session.

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