When you hear the term Super foods, how do you react? Do you imagine a little floret of broccoli flying around in a cape? Or do you wonder if they really are super and where you can get your hands on some of that?

A month ago now I completed my first long course triathlon and coming up to the race I really struggled with energy levels so had to significantly increase my carb intake; well triple it was the recommendation. It helped. I found the energy I needed for training and finished the race feeling happy and strong and half an hour faster than I hoped.

Following the race I had a rest. My body, mind and family needed me to slow down for a while so I spent a good week sleeping in past my 5am alarm and waking up with my family. It felt good. I continued the trend into week 2 only finding the energy to train twice! From twice a day to twice a week gave me far more time and things started falling into place in my business and my family were loving having me around more.

Trouble was the resting seemed to lead my diet to hell. I started eating white bread, chocolate, ice cream, cakes, chocolate all the high sugar, white refined carbs not really good for anything except instant and short lived pleasure. That ‘pleasure’ was short lived though as I began to feel very lack lustre indeed. I was bloated all the time, felt lethargic, cranky and so tired.

I am now finishing off the recipe section of my book and I have found myself cooking up a storm in the kitchen. All my usual favourites and a few extra special recipes I have borrowed from my inspirations and it feels good to be back on track. Clean, wholesome, gluten free, sugar free, super foods, and packed full of all the right ingredients to keep me smiling and energized for my busy life.

My stomach has gone down, I feel energized all day, I’m finding patience with my girls (even when they lose their brush again), today I even found myself singing as I was walking down the street! Best of all I have started training again and feel good. And even though I’m out training hard for 60-90 minutes each morning I’m still having productive work days. If I hadn’t cleaned up my nutrition and got rid of the trash I would never have the energy to get as much done each day as I do.

As I say repeatedly to clients and now I have made one of the steps in my new book, Food is fuel. Treat your body well and fuel it with the best nutrition you can. If you look after your body, it will look after you. Besides it’s the only body you get so so its crazy not to look after it. It’s win-win.

A quick super food hit that will have you feeling recharged and fantastic is my acai smoothie in a bowl. Its my version of a smoothie I had at Noosa when I went up for the triathlon last year. It could have been the magic in the bowl that led me to a new PB!

Energy Smoothie in a bowl

Acai berries- I frozen packet of (these are found in the frozen section of a good health store and come in packs of 4)

Banana – 1 frozen (I buy overripe bananas and freeze in snaplock bags ready for use as I need them.

Apple juice – 1 dash/shot or to taste

Chia seeds – 2 teaspoons

Whiz all the ingredients up in a blender till thick and smooth.

Pour in a bowl and eat or sprinkle muesli, or a power seed mix.

For a different spin on energy and flavour you can also add a bit of raw cacao.

Go do something great for your body and your mind!

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