Gotta love a BRF

Gotta love a BRF

BRF aka Best Running Friend.

I received the best message last night, it read:

Even when Im out drinking, songs come on and remind me of running with you, properly remind me of my running addiction. Can I be your BRF again? J

Awwwww, of course you can I think. We have had some fantastic adventures together so I am dead keen to restart anew. Then I realize I better get my arse into gear too. It’s been a big year and a very relaxing couple of weeks, I’m in fairly average shape at the moment.

Since completing my first half ironman in June I really felt like I needed a break. Its been a huge year with my first long course triathlon in February, my first half ironman in June, writing and publishing my first book and seeing a counselor for a few months to finally deal with some long buried deep grief and anger I had locked up from my mothers death. It just felt like the time was here to relax a little, sleep in, catch up with some friends, and spend some well-needed time with my gorgeous girls.

My BRF has also had a run of it with a promotion turning into ridiculous demands being placed on her at work, buying their first home, her son starting school, trying to juggle kids around 14 hour days, working till 1am and getting up and doing it all again the next day. The ongoing sickness from being so run down and stressed, and then a leg injury that had her in pain every time she ran.

So fair to say we lost our way a little and became quite out of sync. It was hard but we had a lot going on individually and our times just never matched. But great news is we are finding our way back again. We ran the city to surf last Sunday as is our tradition. We reconnected over a few beers and here we are again talking our next goal race and best of all running together again.

So lesson here is sometimes things happen that can sway you from one path a little in pursuit of another. Sometimes your priorities can sway a little temporarily, and the timing becomes a challenge. Sometimes you might just need a bit of a rest. Only you know what is real and what could just be excuses. You and a good BRF.

A good BRF will act as a beacon and call you back to what you love doing eventually. A good BRF understands the difference between just slacking and really needing some time to deal with some stuff. A good BRF will give you time to do what you need and just quietly assure you she is there when you need. A good BRF also knows that none of it will matter as soon as its just the sound of your feet and the scenery buzzing by. A good BRF will welcome you back no question and just move forward to the next shared goal and vision.

If you don’t have a BRF, I recommend finding one if you can. Start asking people you know on ‘run dates’. See if you click and find the right fit. It’s a rare and special friendship based on something unique from other friendships. I wish you will in your mission and hope you can enjoy the laughs, achievements, pain, sweat, joy, dirt, love and peace that I have found and shared with my BRF.

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