3 sleeps till Mexico!

3 sleeps till Mexico!

Whilst it hasn’t been an ideal week falling pretty sick with a wretched flu and having 5 days off I am now getting back into training for the last week up to race day. Gee it feels good to sweat again after lying around for so long and getting puffed walking to the kitchen!

With the final countdown brings a mish-mash of emotions.
• Excitement, excitement, and more excitement – I’m going to Mexico baby! Wow.
• Eagerness to race and have a red hot crack. And hope to god all the training, planning and commitment I have given pay off! (not to mention quitting alcohol and chocolate)
• Stress trying to get all the tasks done that need doing before I leave. Leaving a business, two kids at different schools and your pets takes a bit of juggling.
• Anxiety about leaving the girls behind and getting on a plane. Since I raced off from my mum with a quick “See you Saturday” only to never see her again, I don’t get planes as easily as I once did.
• Anticipation of seeing a new country, new culture and eating loads of Mexican food.
• Disbelief as I keep pinching myself realising my dream of wearing the green and gold at last.
• Gratitude for having the opportunity to do it, and HUGE gratitude to Ruby for minding the kids and encouraging me to chase this dream in the first place.
• Elated at the idea of having a few kid free days and reconnecting with my hubby in a gorgeous, all-inclusive resort in Cancun.
• Thrilled at the thought of diving again after too many years not exploring the beauty that lies beneath the sea.

3 more sleeps.

The importance of rest and recovery

The importance of rest and recovery

I am 6 weeks out from my race at World Champs in Mexico and I feel like training is going well. After the initial sickness and a couple of hiccups we have hunkered down and cracked into a solid few weeks of training. If you read my last blog you will know I was tired.

Well I enjoyed my rest week and tried to focus on eating well and refuelling my body for the next training block. To be honest I found myself scratching around to do some training but instead heeded the advice of my coach and just went through the motions on some easy-ish sets.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 3.34.56 pm

Friday night was a nice surprise when he sent though my analysis (see attached). That yellow line was my fatigue and as you can see it dropped quite low and stayed there for a bit. This showed I am quite good at working under fatigue but also screamed a rest was necessary before I hit a wall. But look how it kicks up again after a few days of taking it lightly! Getting back up to zero. This says I am rested, and ready to rumble!

Today kicked off well with a great set in the pool with steady, increasing and full steam efforts. It felt good to be swimming, I felt good in the water and after, buzzing even. When my training buddy asked how I felt, I replied “ready for a bike ride!”

The theory is the rest has refilled my tank, ready for me to hit my program with a renewed sense of energy and power. This means I will be stronger in the set and therefore gain more results from the set so it’s a win-win. And some of the sets this week are BIG so I’m looking forward to bringing it as well as I can.

This has been a good lesson for me to revisit. As a trainer I know the importance of rest and often chat to clients about it and incorporate it into their programs and training. But if you are of the mindset that every session has to be a beasting, maybe think again and listen to your body (or your coach!). Beasting is certainly necessary as part of a program for improvement but you cannot sustain this high intensity without some recovery sessions, or days depending on your intensity and training duration. Oftentimes when a bit tired, you will feel better for the workout but sometimes when you feel tired from your bones you need a rest. If this is how you feel, don’t ignore it, have an easy session or even a sleep in. Enjoy some recovery and be ready to come back harder after the rest.

Channelling gratitude as training begins

Channelling gratitude as training begins

Training has kicked in.

Week two of my twelve weeks training leading up to the World Championships in Mexico in September this week and I’m loving it.

The last few weeks has seen me “training to train” meaning I have been training for a good base aerobic fitness so we can really crack into some good specific training for the big event in September.

Whilst I see the point of training to train, it seems far more exciting to finally be training for the race. What’s also exciting is I have hired a coach this time around. Only a few weeks in I am a big fan. As you may know by now I like to be learning. All the time. And even though I am a good trainer, and really know how to push my clients and get them results, I wanted to just be the athlete through this process and focus on what Im doing in training – take a back seat so to speak, and get pushed to my limits by someone more experienced in this game than me. I have only been doing triathlon for about 3 years and have gone pretty well so far on my own steam. I have experimented with training and tried different approaches and formats in training to see how I respond in races and which gets the best results. I have loved the adventure so far and have learnt loads about what my body can do, how I can tweak things, how I cannot. But this is the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!.

Who knows if I will ever get to go again. I may only have this one opportunity to wear my name on my arse! I just didn’t want to experiment and give it a crack. I want to push my limits, get as fit and strong as I can be and show up to Cozumel on September 18 knowing I have done everything I can do to be a contender. To me this just means doing the BEST I can on the day. Leaving nothing behind in training, or on the course on the day.

So as we roll in to day six of week two I have done my bootcamp with stair set and high intensity runs then after a quick breakfast headed out for a 60km ride at Olympic park. Every step I take (or stroke or pedal) gets me closer to Cozumel wearing green and gold, closer to realising a dream I have had for a few years. Closer to realising what I can truly do. Closer to a big hug from my proud husband at the finish line. Closer to smiling up at my mum and wishing she was there with me.

I feel very grateful at the moment. Pretty knackered but grateful and looking forward to an early night. This is my time and I am grateful to my husband and family for supporting me in this dream. Next time it hurts, when I am dripping in sweat and feel like I just want to fall off the bike, stop my legs from burning or just breathe in without the burn I am going to channel gratitude instead. Think how lucky I am to be feeling that burn and get on with it.

New Trainer – Red Hot and Ready to Rumble

New Trainer – Red Hot and Ready to Rumble

A Big Bounce Back welcome to our newest team member Nicole! I’m so excited to have this fabulous woman on board and can’t wait to watch her achieve amazing results with you all.

If you don’t know Nic very well, here’s a little snapshot from the woman herself:

For those of you who haven’t met me at bootcamp, my name is Nicole Steventon but I answer to Nic, Nicky and most other variations. I’m a mum of two verrrry energetic and cheeky boys, Charlie (nearly 3) and Sam (15 months) and I’ve been married to my supportive, wonderful and sometimes infuriating husband (I’m all about honesty) for nearly 7 years. In my previous working life, I was an Executive Assistant and I was with my last company for just shy of 12 years until 6 weeks ago when I took the massive step of resigning.

Exercise has always been a part of my adult life. I’m the first to admit that I’m either hopelessly addicted, training hard and running as often as I can (running has always been my fave) or I’m ticking the boxes, doing enough to keep my fitness up but not stretching myself too much (did I mention the honesty thing?).

I saw my first pregnancy as an excuse to stop all forms of exercise and spent the next 9 months eating twisties – prior to that I had been addicted, running up to 4 times a week. Once Charlie was born I realised that I was going to have to find something pretty special that worked with me and bubs so that I could get fit again. An internet search led me to Bounceback and I quickly realised that I had found that special thing I’d been looking for. I’ve been training with Joan now for about 3 years and have loved every minute of it.

I’ve always thought about fitness as a career but it was a deeply guarded secret….I didn’t even tell my husband! It wasn’t until I went back to work after Sam was born that I realised that I wasn’t really enjoying my job and that I needed to make a change. I knew I wanted to do something that I cared about while working closely with people to help them achieve their goals. By that point, I had casually mentioned to hubby that I’d love to get out of secretarial and in to fitness to which he replied “why don’t you look in to it?” 

Soon after, Joan announced that she was looking to expand her business and it all seemed too serendipitous to ignore!! After our first conversation, I came away feeling more excited about my working future than I had in a long time. I’ve been madly studying ever since to get my fitness qualifications (still got a bit to get done) and I’m so excited to be starting this new chapter in my life and looking forward to providing you with passionate, honest, challenging, supportive training and going on the journey to be fitter, stronger, better mums and women with you.


Well Nic is now all qualified and has been running some killer sets in the mums and bubs sessions and personal sessions for some of our wonderful clients. She is red hot and ready to rumble so get in quick to nab your preferred session time now while she has some vacancy. Once word spreads of how good she is and how good you look and feel after working with her, you may not get the spot you want.

Contact us today to book your session.

Balance, Oreos and Unicycles.

Balance, Oreos and Unicycles.

I was scrolling through Facebook today and came across a post about making Oreo ice cream sandwiches.

I love cooking, I love desserts, I love ice cream and I love food in general but the convoluted process involved with making these ‘sandwiches’ was pretty full on. A sizeable chunk of time and commitment. It got me thinking. Thinking about priorities. Whether the author(?) of this recipe, or any person for that matter that goes to such great lengths for a quick treat that can be scoffed in a moment (think cake pops!?! Wtf?) is also as committed to their health and wellbeing. Do they go to the same level of effort to find a good workout on line or a good trainer, commit a nice 30-60 mins to that decision and follow through with a heart raising, blood pumping workout that will not only last longer, but raise their endorphins for a lot longer and without the sugar slump that follows.

I always say you can lose 5kgs in one workout simply because you like what you see in the mirror better after a session. Do you get that buzz when you look in the mirror after an Oreo sandwich or cake pop? Hmmm.

And before you say but its just a special occasion, its not like you make cake pops or oreo sandwiches everyday, I know that. I’m just questioning priorities. DO you value your health and wellbeing as much as having a stand out treat at a party for a kid who lets face it is too young to remember really. I’m not saying throw some food on a paper towel at the next party you host and go for a run, but I am saying if you can prioritise and make time for this kind of effort I really believe you can prioritise and make time for exercise or movement.

Crazy world we live in if we are all so busy we can’t make some time for our healthy future.

I would rather be an active healthy role model for my kids than too busy making cakes or something similar to spend quality time with them. I would rather run beside her as she learns how to rollerskate than sit on the sideline unable to share this achievement with her.

I am a baker, I love to bake. I love cooking a delicious cake and sharing it with friends and family. I love to cook, experimenting in the kitchen and eating with friends and family, its how I grew up and have many cherished memories of love and good times around a table.

I also love, value and need regular exercise to regulate my mood and energy. If I gave this up I could not enjoy myself no matter how many treats you gave me anyway.

There is a balance, which I continually strive to achieve. On my scale of balance a big party cake to share is far more practical, fun and representative of life than hours spent on individual mouthfuls that are gone in an instant. Movement makes you feel good. When you feel good you make better choices. About everything including what you put in your mouth. So by all means cook what you like, eat what you like, but please balance it with some good quality time dedicated to moving your body, cleansing your mind and recharging your soul.

Note: for a 65kg woman to burn the calories in one oreo-icecream sandwich you would need to so one of the following:

  • Jump rope for 30 mins,
  • Run for 30 mins ,
  • Swim steady laps for 40 mins or
  • Walk fast for 1 hour and 20 mins.
  • Ride a unicycle for an hour. 🙂Oreo-Cookie-Sandwich_v1_webready
So much more than just a personal trainer

So much more than just a personal trainer

Well its week 7 of my training program for Sunshine Coast 70.3 and I’m feeling good. As part of my decision to not overcommit to too many events this year, I decided sadly not to do City to Surf. As much as I love this iconic race and the beerfest er I mean celebrations with clients and friends afterwards, I thought I should keep my eye on the prize for a good result at Sunshine Coast. Especially given my Achilles tendonitis flared up again on Monday. I really need to limit my running to essential only for the next little while.

Unfortunately it’s a decision I deeply regretted come about 10am Sunday morning. As I was basking in a glorious winters day in arguably one of the worst cafes in Sydney that is half way between my in laws and our place for a big announcement my father in law wanted to share in person, all I could think about was Bondi. To make it even more torturous almost on cue, my BRF sent me a text “shouldn’t we be on our second beer in the Bondi sun right about now”. I wanted to cry.

I digress. As I was walking back from school dropoff yesterday I ran into an old client I am lucky to now call a friend who DID run. She was stoked to tell me she qualified for the red group. GO BEC!!! I was so thrilled for her. For those not up to speed on City to surf jargon, the red group is the front of the pack. They are the first of the general population to be set free along William st towards Bondi. It requires a time of under 70 mins so is no easy task to qualify.

She later came to the park and caught up with one of her old friends (aka one of my Group clients). It was so nice to watch the interaction and general affection these two wonderful women have for each other. They have a connection that comes from sharing the highs and lows, the good days and bad days, pushing each other in training to achieve a little better than yesterday. They are similar in that they both like to train hard and make the absolute most of the time they have made for themselves and it’s a connection that bonds women.

It gave me a renewed sense of achievement that the work I do is valuable. It may not be rocket science, it may not be changing the world, but it is changing the moods, outlooks, relationships and worlds of the women that come to me open, vulnerable, sometimes feeling a bit broken and looking to make their world a little better.

I trained Bec’s older sister as well. She was one of my original “bootiecampers”. I trained her in classes and personal sessions and just as friendly as her sister she made some wonderful friends in my groups too. She came when she had Jessie, came back after she had Sammy, then moved to Canberra. Soon after Bec had personal sessions, then joined classes when she had Maddie, then returned after Lincoln.

I have to admit that some days with my sore feet, and tired body from training, and dead brain from constant stream of questions and chatter from my 7 year old, the resistance from my 12 year old, the juggle of family, work, training, and other commitments I have, I feel old. I even sometimes worry that I am getting too old to do what I do. But yesterday gave me another insight into that thought. I have been a constant source of help, motivation and inspiration for a whole family. I have clients that have built solid friendships. I have clients who have radically changed their approach to healthy living and now embrace life with a new zest for living. I have a tribe of amazing mums that outright told me they hated running when we met, who now laugh at me as they tell me about their goals to do a half marathon. This is amazing and makes me truly happy.

They say if you do what you love you never work a day in your life. What about if you do it with love? If your clients love what you do so much they send their sister and family to share that love? Pretty cool don’t you think.

So for now anyway I think I will more happily embrace the concept of getting old and consider it more of a privilege. It has given me more time to convert clients to friends, share amazing transformations, be a catalyst for change for many, be a soft place for mums to fall on those hard days, to watch beautiful little babies grow into fantastic little people, collect photos and memories of awesome achievements and to build up and enjoy being a vital part of my community. #somuchmorethanapersonaltrainer #feelinggrateful

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