I was scrolling through Facebook today and came across a post about making Oreo ice cream sandwiches.

I love cooking, I love desserts, I love ice cream and I love food in general but the convoluted process involved with making these ‘sandwiches’ was pretty full on. A sizeable chunk of time and commitment. It got me thinking. Thinking about priorities. Whether the author(?) of this recipe, or any person for that matter that goes to such great lengths for a quick treat that can be scoffed in a moment (think cake pops!?! Wtf?) is also as committed to their health and wellbeing. Do they go to the same level of effort to find a good workout on line or a good trainer, commit a nice 30-60 mins to that decision and follow through with a heart raising, blood pumping workout that will not only last longer, but raise their endorphins for a lot longer and without the sugar slump that follows.

I always say you can lose 5kgs in one workout simply because you like what you see in the mirror better after a session. Do you get that buzz when you look in the mirror after an Oreo sandwich or cake pop? Hmmm.

And before you say but its just a special occasion, its not like you make cake pops or oreo sandwiches everyday, I know that. I’m just questioning priorities. DO you value your health and wellbeing as much as having a stand out treat at a party for a kid who lets face it is too young to remember really. I’m not saying throw some food on a paper towel at the next party you host and go for a run, but I am saying if you can prioritise and make time for this kind of effort I really believe you can prioritise and make time for exercise or movement.

Crazy world we live in if we are all so busy we can’t make some time for our healthy future.

I would rather be an active healthy role model for my kids than too busy making cakes or something similar to spend quality time with them. I would rather run beside her as she learns how to rollerskate than sit on the sideline unable to share this achievement with her.

I am a baker, I love to bake. I love cooking a delicious cake and sharing it with friends and family. I love to cook, experimenting in the kitchen and eating with friends and family, its how I grew up and have many cherished memories of love and good times around a table.

I also love, value and need regular exercise to regulate my mood and energy. If I gave this up I could not enjoy myself no matter how many treats you gave me anyway.

There is a balance, which I continually strive to achieve. On my scale of balance a big party cake to share is far more practical, fun and representative of life than hours spent on individual mouthfuls that are gone in an instant. Movement makes you feel good. When you feel good you make better choices. About everything including what you put in your mouth. So by all means cook what you like, eat what you like, but please balance it with some good quality time dedicated to moving your body, cleansing your mind and recharging your soul.

Note: for a 65kg woman to burn the calories in one oreo-icecream sandwich you would need to so one of the following:

  • Jump rope for 30 mins,
  • Run for 30 mins ,
  • Swim steady laps for 40 mins or
  • Walk fast for 1 hour and 20 mins.
  • Ride a unicycle for an hour. 🙂Oreo-Cookie-Sandwich_v1_webready

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