Meet Joan & Nicole

Founder of Bounce Back Wellbeing & Trainer

Meet Joan

Author of Whose Boobs are these? Joan is passionate about helping mums reclaim their body and sanity after baby and truly believes a fit parent it more fit to parent.

Joan is no stranger to trying to juggle it all, with two girls of her own, her own business, a triathlon career, family interstate and recently writing her first book she knows first-hand how important regular exercise is to mental health as well as fitness and a busy lifestyle. She claims is she didn’t train she would go mad!

An ex park ranger, she loves working outdoors, and BounceBack is the fruition of her three passions – Fitness, children, and outdoor learning. Her extensive experience in all these areas ensure Bounce Back is fun and inspirational and leaves all participants feeling much better for coming.

She also loves to inspire her clients to chase their dreams and leads by example. Joan recently qualified to represent Australia in her age group at the World Triathlon Championships in Mexico later this year so is currently training hard to give it a red hot crack.

Her quals. if you are into that kind of thing:

  • A licensed fitness professional with Fitness Australia,
  • Qualified master trainer with a Certificate IV in Fitness and a
  • Certificate III in Gym Instruction
  • Advanced Boxing Instructor (and one of the best around!)
  • Level 1 certified with Australian Sports Dieticians Australia
  • Level 1 accredited Athletics Australia running coach
  • Injury free running specialist
  • First aid
  • 10 years working with mums and babies with NO injured clients.

In 2006 Joan set about creating a fitness program that:

  • Welcomes mums at any stage of their fitness journey,
  • Makes them feel comfortable while pushing their limits,
  • Helps them set goals and achieve things they didn’t think they could,
  • Allows mums to set a healthy, positive example to their children,
  • All while having a good time and a few laughs with a great bunch of women.

Ten years later BounceBack is still making women strong, still making them laugh and changing if not saving lives!

With this in mind Joan has selected only the best trainers that each bring their own little bit of magic with them to provide training that rocks.

Her trainers have the experience and credentials to make the BounceBack team the most awesome team around, but don’t just believe us, try them for yourself.

Meet Nicole

My name is Nicole and I’m proud to be the newest member of the Bounceback Fitness team.

After many years in the corporate world, I took a chance to follow my passion and recently qualified as a Personal Trainer, completing the practical component with my mentor and Bounceback Fitness founder and head trainer, Joan Markwell. In my new role, I’m looking forward to helping clients achieve their fitness goals and to be the strongest, fittest and happiest version of themselves.

My own journey with fitness began in my early twenties when I was diagnosed with insulin resistance (a pre-cursor to diabetes, which runs in my family) and in order to reverse the diagnosis, I needed to change my diet and exercise habits. After the initial weight came off and I started to build my fitness, I joined a triathlon/running group where my love of running was cemented and I haven’t looked back. I believe strongly in the importance of functional strength training combined with core and cardio to provide a holistic approach to fitness. 

As a mum of two boys, I’m also acutely aware of how time poor we are these days and I strive to make exercise a fun, challenging and satisfying part of everyone’s busy lives.

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