Whilst it hasn’t been an ideal week falling pretty sick with a wretched flu and having 5 days off I am now getting back into training for the last week up to race day. Gee it feels good to sweat again after lying around for so long and getting puffed walking to the kitchen!

With the final countdown brings a mish-mash of emotions.
• Excitement, excitement, and more excitement – I’m going to Mexico baby! Wow.
• Eagerness to race and have a red hot crack. And hope to god all the training, planning and commitment I have given pay off! (not to mention quitting alcohol and chocolate)
• Stress trying to get all the tasks done that need doing before I leave. Leaving a business, two kids at different schools and your pets takes a bit of juggling.
• Anxiety about leaving the girls behind and getting on a plane. Since I raced off from my mum with a quick “See you Saturday” only to never see her again, I don’t get planes as easily as I once did.
• Anticipation of seeing a new country, new culture and eating loads of Mexican food.
• Disbelief as I keep pinching myself realising my dream of wearing the green and gold at last.
• Gratitude for having the opportunity to do it, and HUGE gratitude to Ruby for minding the kids and encouraging me to chase this dream in the first place.
• Elated at the idea of having a few kid free days and reconnecting with my hubby in a gorgeous, all-inclusive resort in Cancun.
• Thrilled at the thought of diving again after too many years not exploring the beauty that lies beneath the sea.

3 more sleeps.

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