Better now than before baby

Better now than before baby

Two beaming clients in two days, I love my job.

Yesterday a beautiful and busy working mum of two client told me how excited she was to fit back into her pre baby no 1 clothes. But the biggest bonus she loved was that she feels stronger and more energetic than she has in years even with hard baby nights and her busy schedule.

This morning another gorgeous mum of two client told me when she returned to work last week, her colleagues said she looks better now than she did before her kids. Can you imagine how great this made her feel? She attributes that to my guidance and said she certainly has Bounced Back.

I may have helped but she was the one that set her eyes on the prize, came to sessions, worked hard and made the most of her time. I love her for it and I love that I get to share this with so many inspiring and strong women.

I am so happy my business makes a difference to people. I couldn’t stand to work for a faceless organisation or to convince people to buy more shit they don’t need or that’s against my values. I am too passionate about helping people feel awesome.

Life is too short not to give it a red-hot go. The fitter and stronger you are, the more able you are to cope with any challenges life may throw at you and the more open you feel to new adventures – especially with kids. Lets face it, kids are exhausting, so it’s a wonderful thing to be up for the challenge they present.

From my experience I reckon a fit parent is more fit to parent. You have the energy to play that game, the energy to say yes to one more swing, the know how to lead a healthy lifestyle with them in tow, and the ability to set a good example from a young age on the importance of looking after yourself. What a gift to you and them.

As I was running the bay this morning I couldn’t help smiling as I ran, looking forward to seeing my clients in the mums and bubs class and getting them one step closer to their dreams and goals. Sounds corny I’m sure, but sorry it’s true.

They didn’t let me down either. This mornings workout packed a punch and they all rose to the challenge with a smile on their face, their kids nearby, and looking forward to relaxing on the weekend content with a solid effort today.

We are opening our new week of trial classes week beginning 11th April. We have a few spots left in Concord, Five Dock, Annandale and Drummoyne which I’m sure wont last much longer. So if you or anyone you know could benefit from more laughs, more energy, getting their abs back and a great set of legs, please send them my way.

My new goal is three beaming clients in three days!

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