Running up hills for fun? Mad woman or mad about life?

Running up hills for fun? Mad woman or mad about life?

I was interviewed for podcast “The mumpreneur show” today by Petra Jones and asked what I like to do for myself? How did I spend my “me time”.

I laughed and said I train. Today I ran 5.5 kms of hills (really 7.8km total but 5.5 of pure hills – call me a purist!).

I love it – I said with a big grin on my face!!!

Am I a mad woman? Well that’s arguable I’m sure. But am I mad for dragging myself out of bed at 5.22am to go run up and down hills till I’m spent. Absolutely not. This is my ‘me time’. It’s first thing in the morning so the time cant get hijacked. I don’t miss anything with the kids or my husband who are at home safe and sound and snuggled in bed. It makes me feel great personally as the endorphins flow, I chat with my mates and have a laugh and wonder what other people do with their mornings.

I get a sense of achievement as I see my improvement each week.

I feel better each week as I get closer and closer to my goal.

It sets me up for a more productive day.

It’s something big crossed off my list before 7am, before breakfast even.

I eat better that day. Its funny how if you train you tend to make better food choices that day, you lean more towards healthy options as you feel you want to refuel rather than trash all the hard work you just did.

You get a unique and enjoyable view of the day. I mean its been raining in Sydney for like, forever, and like most people I had almost given up on a blue sky. This morning however, was glorious. Cold breeze off the water as you feel we have moved closer to winter but the sky was gorgeous. It was clean, clear and full of the promise of a brand new day. Makes you glad you are out there amongst it.

Yesterday was completely different. Fog that hung in sky and crept around the trees and the moon. The atmosphere was amazing. The morning felt like it was only very reluctantly parting with night. The day was being held from us till the very last second. Again, wonderful to be out in it. You can be home in bed when you have no choice but for now I choose to get up and embrace the day, embrace my choice to move and give my life one hell of a shake.

You only get one shot at this thing we called life. I know I know you’ve heard it before but have you really thought about it. You may not get next year, next week, hell you may not even get tomorrow. What makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing just for you? Go do some of that today. Now even. You will never regret being happy. You will only ever be glad you looked after yourself while you had the chance.


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